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Examples of typosquatting

  • Wikipedia is a victim of typosquatting:,,,,,, and as of 2007, are all websites which contain pop-up ads, spyware/adware downloads, and ad-generating search engines.
  • A related gambit is obtaining "800" numbers that correspond to misspellings; a good illustration is AT&T's sudden abandonment of "1-800-OPERATOR" and replacing it with "1-800-CALL-ATT". Many callers would misspell operator, thus MCI Communications was raking in a lot of business with "1-800-OPERATER", reaping the benefits of AT&T's advertising. (In both numbers, the final "R" is superfluous.)
  • The National Austrian Public Service Broadcaster "ORF"
    was typosquatted by
    a net art site.
  • Google's anti-typosquatting defense is incomplete; as of April 2006, "" redirects to a rogue software vendor rather than to Google. The site attempts to spam users with a popup and foist an executable download upon them without any further user action. Also is another similarly named website with a search engine.
  • Apparently people at are "typosquatting" Savannah, since there is an SSH server running at[1]
  • The US White House site "" is parodied at; at one point was the site of a notorious pornographic magazine
  • The "" site is typosquatted by "", an advertisement. This site is not related in any way to or, a parody site.
  • The New Zealand auction site TradeMe
    is parodied at
  • The Portuguese language Wikipédia ( is parodied at pt.wí - the only visible difference in the domain name being a misplaced accent on the first «í». An attempt to access «wikipé» with the accent in its correct position for that language returns only advertisements.
  • ISP subdomain redirect --
    when served through Charter DNS services yields the redirected url:
    . Note: The first link is to a non-existent google subdomain as an example. If you don't use Charter DNS services, the first link may look very different. If you see a clean 404 without ads, your ISP's DNS servers (or your browser) is likely not set to redirect subdomains. If you see ads or a redirect to a search page, your ISP DNS servers are (or your computer is) set to redirect subdomains.


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